Bronzes: Sculptors & Founders 1800-1930

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Автор: Berman

This is the second volume of the definitive reference series dealing with commercial bronze sculptures in the period 1800 to 1930. This period spans the rise and decline of commercial industrial foundries in Europe, especially in France, and a wide array of international sculptors. Together, they produced millions of fine …

Caos Calmo

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Автор: Veronesi S.

Pietro Paladini è un uomo apparentemente realizzato, con un ottimo lavoro, una donna che lo ama, una figlia di dieci anni. Ma un giorno, mentre salva la vita a una sconosciuta, accade l’imprevedibile, e tutto cambia. Pietro si rifugia nella sua auto, parcheggiata davanti alla scuola della figlia, e per …

Activities For Very Young Learners Book With Online Resources

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Автор: Herbert Puchta

Activities for Very Young Learners is an essential resource for practising and trainee language teachers of three- to seven-year-olds. This handbook contains over 90 easy-to-use activities for the very young learner classroom, and is ideal for teachers who are looking for ideas to engage their learners in meaningful and imaginative …

Opportunities Pre-Intermediate Teacher’s Book

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Автор: Mugglestone Patricia

A complete reference guide for giving class effectively with minimal preparation time.

The Truth About Syria

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Автор: Rubin Barry

Acclaimed Middle East expert Barry Rubin answers the question many are asking today: How dangerous is Syria? Rubin’s account of Syria received praise for its strong opinions, including a glowing review in the New York Post Syria. It is the first book to focus on Syria as a major threat. …

Don’t Believe Your Eyes!

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Автор: Waring Rob

Camogli is a small town in Italy. People there paint in a special style called trompe l’oeil. These paintings are so good, viewers think they’re real things, but they’re not. They’re paintings! What things are real in Camogli? What things are actually paintings?

Grammar Practice for Elementary Students without Key

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Автор: Walker Elaine

— Step-by-step grammar explanations with clear examples. — A wealth of varied practice exercises with write-in space on the page. — Tests to monitor students’ progress. — Illustrated with lively cartoons to increase students’ understanding. — An index and a comprehensive contents list for easy reference. — For self-study, homework …

Plantes. Niveau 1

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Автор: Ryan Denise

Enfin des ouvrages documentaires pour se perfectionner en lecture! Une collection d’ouvrages organisée en 5 niveaux de lecture pour faciliter les progrès des élèves et les accompagner tout au long de leurs apprentissages. Des ouvrages documentaires très illustrés et attractifs pour donner à chacun l’envie de lire tout en découvrant …