The Wild West. The Tall Tale of Rex Rodeo

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Автор: Mason Paul

A fact and fiction primary Reader about the Wild West, with back-of-book activities and Bilingual Dictionary.

Super Safari. Level 1. Teacher’s Book

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Super Safari British English edition is a three-level pre-primary course that welcomes very young children to English through stories, songs and plenty of playtime while supporting their cognitive, motor-sensory and social development. Super Safari Teacher’s Book Level 1 helps teachers get the most out of the course material with easy-to-follow …

Aunts Aren’t Gentlemen

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Автор: P.G. Wodehouse

Bertie Wooster has been overdoing metropolitan life a bit, and the doctor orders fresh air in the depths of the country. But after moving with Jeeves to his cottage at Maiden Eggesford, Bertie soon finds himself surrounded by aunts – not only his redoubtable Aunt Dahlia but an aunt of …

El fuego de San Telmo

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Автор: Baena Jose

Durante unas excavaciones arqueológicas en Málaga aparece un soneto cifrado que revela la existencia de un manuscrito perdido hace siglos y atribuido a Santiago, el hermano de Jesús de Nazareth: es el Tercer Apocalipsis, un libro considerado apócrifo por la Iglesia y celosamente guardado en Jerusalén por la orden del …

Connect with English: Video Scripts 1

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Автор: Pam Tiberia

«Connect with English» is a soap-opera style video program featuring Rebecca Casey, a young woman who decides to leave her family and friends in Boston to start a new life in California. This all-skills video and comprehensive student text program, enables students to effectively learn English communicate naturally. «Video Script …

Colega 1. Libro Del Alumno + Libro De Ejercicios + CD (+ Audio CD; количество томов: 2)

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Автор: Maria L.Hortelano

Despues del exito de La Pandilla, las autoras nos presentan Colega, un material que se puede utilizar con ninos mas pequenos, a partir de los 7 anos. El titulo del manual, Colega, alude al principal protagonista de la historia, un perrito. La gran novedad es que, para motivar a los …

The Wind in the Willows

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Автор: Grahame Kenneth

Ho! Ho! I am the Toad, the motor-car snatcher, the prison-breaker, the Toad who always escapes! Tired of spring cleaning, Mole ventures above ground into the warm sunshine, and happens upon his friend Ratty. Together they picnic on the sparkling, burbling river, brave the sinister Wild Wood in wintertime to …

Reading Explorer 1. Teacher’s Guide

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Автор: Douglas Nancy

Reading Explorer is a six-level content-based reading series featuring video from national Geographic Digital Media to help develop reading and vocabulary skills for all learners. Each unit of Reading Explorer contains two reading passages and an optional video activity. Reading passages cover a wide range of real-world topics related to …