Dot Dot Dash!

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Автор: Klanten Robert

Dot Dot Dash! is brought to you by the editors of Pictoplasma and Pictoplasma 2. Expanding on the widely popular subject of contemporary character design, this definitive volume showcases an up-to-date survey of the personalities and characters that have entered the third dimension. Vinyl figures, plush dolls, designer toys and …

English in Mind Starter Teacher’s Resource Pack

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Автор: Ackroyd

English in Mind is a six-level course for teenagers. Each level of the course provides 80-90 hours of class work with extra photocopiable activities and tests in the Teacher’s Resource Pack. The course can be used with mixed-ability classes. The Starter level is for complete beginners. Level 1 is for …

Themen aktuell 2 Arbeitsbuch

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Автор: Hartmut Aufderstrasse

Deutsch als Fremdsprache — Niveaustufe A2 mit Fotos und Zeichnungen illustriert

Test Your Phrasal Verbs

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Автор: Allsop Jake

* 60 tests to practise key phrasal verbs at intermediate to advanced level. * Wide variety of tests, including gap-fills, multiple choice, matching exercises, cartoons, and a full answer key. * Tips to guide you on which phrasal verbs to use.

Canada. Flying High

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Автор: Wark Jim

This collection of superb photographs presents the boundless beauty of a vast country as seen through the lens of a photographer who specializes in aerial photography. The result of Paul Nopper’s dedication to his art are unsurpassed images of the patterns, light, colors, and vistas of an entire region that …

Father Christmas Needs a Wee

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Автор: Allan Nicholas

This mini hardback edition of this Christmas bestseller is the perfect stocking-filler. On Christmas Eve every child leaves out a drink and a snack for Father Christmas. Before long he really, really needs a wee but what can he do about it? There’s a long time to wait before he …

Hipster Animals: A Field Guide

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An illustrated pocket guide to the hip characters populating “cool neighborhoods” across America, Hipster Animals helps readers identify these urban wildlife in their natural habitats. Including details on the creatures’ identifying characteristics, diets, mating behavior, and calls, this parody reference guide provides a snarky glimpse into the foreign—yet all too …

The Great Gatsby

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Автор: F. Scott Fitzgerald

This title is widely regarded as the Great American Novel. A big-screen adaptation, directed by Baz Lurhman and starring Leonardo Dicaprio will be released in May 2013. On the surface, mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby has everything, but he maintains a distance from those in his orbit, the guests at his …

The Secret Paris of the 30s

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Автор: Brassai Gilberte

One of the most evocative photographic memoirs every published. It was known that Brassai had taken a series of ‘secret photographs’ which could not be published because of their daring nature — the forbidden Paris, a sordid bas-monde where high society mingled with the underworld.


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«Cedilla» continues the history of John Cromer begun by «Pilcrow», described by «The London Review of Books» as ‘peculiar, original, utterly idiosyncratic’ and by «The Sunday Times» as ‘truly exhilarating’. These huge and sparkling books are particularly surprising coming from a writer of previously (let’s be tactful) modest productivity, who …