Straightforward. Split. Starter. Teacher’s Book

Straightforward. Split. Starter. Teacher’s Book

Автор: Clandfield Linda


Straightforward has come of age and has been treated to a review, revamp and facelift. Much of the content has been updated and made more relevant. A lot of the content has been updated and made more relevant to our ever changing world. You’ll find new topics, articles and exercises plus a fresh new design. You won’t lose out on the old favourites though — they are still there with a facelift! We’ve put a lot of emphasis on word lists and lexical features and there is a vocabulary builder with activities from the new supporting online component. The CEFR still plays a prominent part in the series and there is even clearer signposting and self assessment.

Издание исправленное и дополненное.

Издатель: Macmillan Publishers

Год: 2016

Серия: Straightforward


Страниц: 0

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Straightforward. Split. Starter. Teacher's Book

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